Academic Study Report - Measuring the data sent to Apple and Google on Stock OS's for iPhone and Pixel

I came across an interesting article that is titled “Smartphones share our data every four and a half minutes, says study”.

Here is the actual white paper by Prof. Doug Leigh (School of Computer Science and Statics) from Trinity College Dublin:

I thought you guys might enjoy this read too.

For me personally, this just made me that much more appreciative of how great full I am for the hard work and dedication by the GrapheneOS developers - the security and privacy - that prevents this type of data collection.

What about samsung?


I don’t use Samsung and never have. Nor have I ever read up on anything related to there usage and diagnostics collection privacy policy or any other telemetry.

I’m sure someone qualified to answer your question will do so.
I just wanted to share this report of what the stock iPhone iOS and Google Pixel Android collect.

But I’d imagine you’d have Samsung’s own data collection on top of the already data collected by Google on Samsung Android devices.

Hii thanks for sharing :smiley:

Ya i either leave my smartphone behind; drain the battery; or take out the battery depending on which phone I’m using whenever I was privacy xD


You are welcome.
Ya that’s a great idea about taking battery out ( wish more phones had that, especially the Pixel).

Here is another interesting article

But I do realize I am already talking to the choir here.

@hauntsanctuary nice, thanks for including that.