[a stupid thought] What if phones really listen to us?

Hey folks, Lately i get that idea about phones hear and record to us but i find some people say it’s not true because see how much users and it would make so much and so much of storage for just the records and it might be true but after i thought more about it i noticed how smart “stuff” like google and siri they dont record for us full time but yet they can be awaken when we call them “ok google” so what if the same way happen in the phone, it does not record all time yes but it still get awake when it listens to products names like “Adidas” or something and then it sends it back to google (or apple) and show us Ads. The reason i say this here because i want to hear your thoughts about it (maybe it’s already there and everybody know about it expect me or maybe no one noticed it before) so yeah

And as always, my english is bad i know

I don’t think they will keep everything we say but i do think they would use our voices to make there voice engine better

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i think its like smart homes, uses brand names like a wake word and when it happens they record that word and maybe go and shutdown again

About phone listening to us and security, I think there were an article from Tor Project:

https://blog.torproject.org/mission-impossible-hardening-android-security-and-privacy (2014)

https://blog.torproject.org/mission-improbable-hardening-android-security-and-privacy (2016)

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There are plenty of documented examples to not consider this idea stupid:

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Facebook recently had a curious “poor audio sessions management” draining battery in the background:

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