A site listing several opt-outs

http://simpleoptout.com/ (sorry, HTTP only it seems.)

With this site, you can go by several companies and opt-out of their data collection practices. Be careful with these opt-outs though, as you do not want to give a company more information about you then it already has.


It doesn’t seem to be loadng for me at the moment, but there is a possibly similar tool for Europeans called YourOnlineChoices.eu.

First select location & language and then select “own advertisements” or similar.

I find it easier to just use Privacy Possum instead though.


Nice! Didn’t know about that one.

Thoughts on https://backgroundchecks.org/justdeleteme/

i live in “Arabic country” & want to opt out what i do now ?

Also https://www.accountdeleters.com/