A reminder to save your privacy on discord

If you love discord or really want to use it, then at least be sure your messages are safe by using this discord addon that act like E2EE

Addon: https://gitlab.com/leogx9r/DiscordCrypt

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Discord is a privacy nightmare by default and when tweaked.
I could give 2 fu*(D*UJIsas about it’s cool features.

Use Telegram it’s way better.

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Yeah, i said if you really need to use it at least encrypt your messages

tx :slight_smile:
i have to use discord, so this could be a nice improvement

(i also dont want to … but group pressure :'D)

No no its fine do not push yourself, i use discord too :smiley:

Wow, I just had a new found respect for SingularityNet. Ironic, sense it’s often them saying privacy is a thing of the past.

( They use Telegram as their chatroom. )

I’m not sure I see the purpose of the plugin, it sends messages from the Discord client encrypted to their servers right? But Discord can still see your messages, so I’m not sure what is the point?

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discord see dots (weird signature) so just you and partner see actual message its not big help for privacy (its like wearing gloves in middle of lake) but it kinda help

Thanks for sharing that, looking at it again it seems that Discord client is open source which is why Discord ‘allows’ this to happen. I guess they still monitor every other message anyway. Thanks for sharing!