A question about GDPR

Hi, I’ve been asking myself this question for a while now, I live in a European country, from what I know, the sites I visit should be subject to GDPR, so if I enable the “Do not track” option on my browser, the sites should comply with my request, am I right?

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no gdpr dose not mention dnt, but they wont collect your data unless your permission is given since you live in eu

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Websites that comply with GDPR respect its contents, and Do Not Track is not a requirement in any case.

You could install the ToS;DR extension to check details like Do Not Track.

Twitter, Reddit, eBay, Epic Games, Discord, PayPal, Imgur, NordVPN, are a bunch of services that explicitly ignore the Do Not Track signal.

It’s a feature rarely honored, so you should block tracking with browser settings and extensions anyways.