A Good Web Browser Code Base to Work From :-)

Just curious if anyone knows of any decent code bases to work from for Desktop [I prefer working with C or C++]

It DOES make sense to work from what I’m already using ; Links Browser Source Code https://links.twibright.com/ and source code from a Mozilla fork I use, which looks like XUL, JS, & C++… so I’m not sure about THAT browser, but Links I can work from :smiley:

Since it doesn’t play videos or run JS I would need to add that to my Links fork as well as blocking 3rd party scripts, 3rd party images, 3rd party css, fonts, favicons, and 3rd party iframes lol…

Its for privacy reasons as well as the fact that I don’t believe a web browser should take up so much RAM unless you’re playing a video…

I don’t have any corporate interests or any money-making schemes ; it would be for myself and humanity in general if they wanted to use it, kind of like Tox :smiley:

But does anyone know of any other good C/C++ code bases to work from ?

Thanks ^^

Rust seems to enjoy good publicity these days…

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hmmm so i downloaded the links browser code base and managed to compile a version with javascript enabled… it loads these forums then turns to a black content window - allows me to view it IS downloading html,js,etc, and I switch back to HTML/JS view and the whole thing just crashed lols

I’m def not a multimediaa programmer heheeheeheeeee um… Its def the JS, if I turn off JS via the menu then the site works and doesn’t crash at all lols.

if any1 wants the source to try fixing it ; then i can send it over (you can compile it with ./configure, make install on linux or on msys64 on windows64 if you like windows). its in C and the links guy writes very readable code. i have xmpp, tox, jami, retroshare, richochet, GPG…

^(>.>)^ ^(<.<)^ i’m giving up and going to play a video game now :smiley:

maybe thats why they dont add JS in it