A good ads blocker for Safari?

As uBlock Origin has been delisted from App Store, I’m searching for a great alternative to use for Safari.
I tried AdGuard and AdBlock but it doesn’t seem to be really efficient against ads or privacy friendly.

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I don’t know whether you mean macOS or iOS, but I have been using Adguard and Firefox Focus on iOS.

There are also encrypted DNS providers with blocking (also within other apps) such as

From the last one at least Adhole, BlahDNS, LibreDNS and NixNet do filtering.

im sure you can get the addon from their repo direct. or (not sure but) mac is unix so you can install pihole or just use foss dns with pihole as filter

My bad, I was meaning macOS Safari but thanks for your dns config advices.

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uBlock faced couple issues with Apple updates and is not compatible with Safari anymore:

I will take a look at Pihole, thank you.

fuck apple! (and ms) if you cant use pihole you always can use dns with pihole or filtered dns something like: https://dnscrypt.info/public-servers/ and https://servers.opennic.org/

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