A Device to block almost/all signals?

I’m not even sure if this thing exist but i do not know, i was think about a device something like hifi (at size) & it can block almost or even all signals like CCTV cams (make it blur when device get near from it) & block SIM cards signals & net so yeah (i’m maybe i’m paranoid about my privacy but i hope there is device like this)

To block your phone from outside signals you can use a Faraday Bag. I don’t know good brands so research yourself. Maybe others can help.

If you want to block outside equipment that is not your property, you will need a signal jammer. These devices are outright illegal for a civilian and you are certainly gonna face (jail time + hefty fines) so get it out of your head. Even using it to block your own car’s GPS signal is risky because it affects other devices.


yup i ask about these


They are illegal, but easy to obtain. I’m not sure about the law on buying them, but i know its possible. As for “bluring video feeds” i dont know what you are talking about. Some kind of black magic or something? Not sure how you think this could possibly work. Maybe too much TV? One thing you can do though, is blind cameras with infrared light. Check it out.
Yes, you can use a farday cage/bag which is pretty easy to make and you can purchase them, for cell phones and what not.

I understand that you are concerned for your safety and health.

I found a website that has some interesting products including the faraday bags that were mentioned.

Something to look at.

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looks promising…