5400 trackers, shame on you iPhone..and android:(

from [Cipher Newsletter] IEEE CIPHER, Issue 149.


Phone Follies: The Midnight Data Dump
It’s the middle of the night. Do you know who your iPhone is talking to?


The Washington Post
By Geoffrey A. Fowler
May 28, 2019

The technology columnist for the Washington Post decided to seek help
in understanding the network traffic emanating from his iPhone during
nighttime hours. He found that many of his apps had relationships
with multiple third-parties to collect data from his phone. It is
hard to believe, but he found 5400 trackers sending 1.5 gigabytes per
month. Some of the companies behind the apps were surprised and vowed
to remove the trackers, but others said that they employed tracking
services to improve their apps and had no particular responsibility
for the frequency of data collection or the totality of its eventual

The trackers are not limited to Apple devices, they also exist on Android

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my apologies, I was able to read entire article with no permissions given to wapo, even left scripts disabled (i usually get a paywall.
i’ll keep an eye out for alternative link to source though :thinking: wayback?


What’s worse, Apple gives you no control over what applications you are allowed to use on iOS. You must install everything from the store, and you must work with Apple’s XCode to build it. Yet people say that the FSF is forcing people to use only free (as in freedom software) or be punished. The main difference here is, you’re not forced to do everything to the bidding of the FSF, its your choice what you do with your software. iOS has you using XCode solely to develop applications, they also have to be to Apple’s liking, otherwise your application isn’t allowed on the store.

Also I’m not here to discuss with anyone who doesn’t like the FSF or anyone else, I don’t care about what you like and don’t like. What I’m trying to do is make a statement towards Apple’s practices with iOS.

english translation: None of the companies could give a flying shit if their apps slurped user data, especially those that profited from it.

“laughs in tor browser”
Sure, ill accept your ads and cookies, you can totally use them to “track” me :slight_smile: